No, I'm not talking about climate change but rather keeping your crops warm during winter. We are just beginning our 4th season here at the Truckee Community Farm's Growing Dome and last night, November 11th, marked our first truly cold night of the season at 5°F! Watch the videos to see how the Growing Dome's natural heating system is able to keep the inside just above freezing on such a cold night. We used floating row covers to help the soil retain as much heat as possible overnight especially for the sprouts and seedlings that are still getting established. But once they are more mature, the Growing Dome will stay warm enough that they won't be needed. I'm as excited for growing veggies as I am for skiing this winter season! Check back soon for a progress report.
Deb Kelly
11/12/2012 01:28:48 am

Hey Susie,
This is so excited to see all the preparations you have done to grow four seasons. I thank you for all your work and these awesome videos to keep us informed. -deb

11/12/2012 03:11:30 am

Amazing... hopefuly these shots will be from TE's growing dome a year from now!

11/23/2012 06:00:33 am

This is huge! Nice work!


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