I've had this blog for almost two years and this is the longest lag in posts I have ever had. Getting a non-profit off the ground takes 24/7 leaving little time for much else. But not posting has definitely put me out of balance and I want to reestablish that equilibrium so hopefully the posts will become weekly again. I miss it!

My go to site for relevant e-news, Grist.org, has saved me this week, however. Below is a re-post from today's issue. It is a topic I thought blogging about in the aftermath of the West, Texas fertilizer plant explosion..."Should the explosion make us wonder...why do we need synthetic ag chemicals anyway?"

I refrained because I realized that if it isn't a fertilizer plant it could be any variety of other manufacturing plants which deal with explosive chemicals. We are as addicted to chemicals as we are oil. But Grist took a stab at this topic of conversation and I commend them. Check it out and open up a discussion: If conventional agriculture is an "elephant in the room" then the explosion was it's roar! It's saying..."Notice me! I need to be changed!" And I'm not talking about changing a diaper. I'm talking about changing the food system!