I'm a backcountry skier. It's my winter passion and one of my favorite ways to enjoy nature. But to get to the top of the mountain, you have to hike up a long way. Most often you use what's called "skins" which attach to the bottom of your skis and help you climb up the snow. You have a lot of time usually to talk with your ski partners sharing deep thoughts and discussing life's mysteries. I call them the "skin track dialogues." After my last post regarding, "food deserts," I thought I would pose the question..."what can communities with little access to quality food do?" Here are a few more ideas...place special orders with a local general store or create a co-op with friends where you do group food buys. You could take it one step further and buy a whole cow with a group of friends. In spirit of a Tupperware party, have a food swap! Everyone brings enough of what they made for each person attending. For example, if there were 20 people who RSVP'd, I would bring 20 jars of pickled carrots. And someone else would bring 20 jars of preserves, etc...Digging a little deeper in the jar, we came up these ideas...host a cooking class either in a community center or your own house. If your area is affluent enough, you could start a private cheffing business to help people eat better. Either cooking them weekly meals they freeze or catering for a dinner party.
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Hi Suzie, Just wandered onto this blog of yours! You may want to try the USDA or the Dept. of Ag at whatever state you are in~ at some point on your journey re: food systems. Polly invited me to go to a mtg a few weeks back regarding the improvement of food systems in NorNev. Very interesting! It was held by the USDA and NV Dept of Ag...to see where they could help aide and facilitate a more effective way to store, process, and distribute food the farmers are raising and producing. In the end, people signed up under a specific area to start networking and working towards improvement. Soon there will be a website to help get the word out. Good luck on this journey~ dealing with a lot of different mindsets around this country! "Food Systems" is all about efficiency...organic and conventional don't play a part in this arena because everyone is looking for the same help. "Org vs Con" is another arena in and of itself... and it is a heated one! (you know where i stand) (PS, I have started my own little blog~ www.bijagardens@blogspot.com to document my market crop this year~if you ever want to check it out!) Happy Trails!

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