A food awakening is definitely liberating but also overwhelming. All of a sudden you realize all the factors you have to consider...is it local, in season, organic, sustainably harvested, etc... The one question that trumps them all is, "where did it come from." It becomes your baseline. If you know where your food comes from, most of your questions and concerns will be answered. If you like how the food is produced, you will fee good about what you are eating. If the average person stopped to ask where their eggs and meat came from, ten bucks they would start buying organic and free-range.Start asking the "question" and you'll be connected.
kristyn mcdougall
7/2/2011 01:58:48 pm

Over the past twenty years I have been vegetarian, and I have fielded my fair share of comments from friends and family. Over the years I have noticed a theme, and that is, if you operate out of the norm, people think you hold judgment on them for their choices if they operate within the norm. Sadly, nothing could be further from the truth. I firmly believe that as human beings we all have different dietary requirements for optimal functioning. Some of us need meat,some of us don't. The only thing I have ever found myself getting truly passionate about is..CARE ABOUT WHERE YOUR FOOD COMES FROM!!! It doesn't matter if it's fruit,vegies,meat or dairy, just care. Thank you so much for putting in writing the simple point I wish everyone could just get :)


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