After leaving Great Basin National Park, I decided to bee line it for Boulder in a day with just a couple stops along the way. One was in Glenwood Springs, CO to meet up with one of the local organizers for the tour I currently manage for the Wild & Scenic Film Festival. Judy Olesen is the Development Director for the Independence Pass Foundation in Aspen, CO. Their organization has hosted the festival as an outreach tool for new members for the past four years. Among Judy's many talents is owning and operating Colorado Mountain Jam with her husband, Brian. They grow and package all their own organic jams and jellies on sight in Palisade, CO. And out of 1700 entries every year, CMJ has won the SOFI Award four out of the past five years for best specialty, organic product. WOW! This is only day two and I'm already having the encounters that I hoped this trip would produce. It's a reminder that if we pay attention, every day offers an opportunity to connect us to the food we eat.

Rosalie Adduci
6/4/2011 05:20:20 am

Susie have a wonderful journey and enjoy the abundance of wonderful organic locally sourced food

6/4/2011 05:56:26 am

Yeah Suzie- Enjoy my hometown for awhile! I am officially the Leader of Slowfood Lake Tahoe- I will be here on your homefront working to raise awareness of food sustainability and enjoyment. Looking forward to following you on your journey.


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