I could write a whole blog just by what I saw and learned on my orientation day at the farm. If it is any indication of what's to come, it is going to exceed all expectations. I arrived to the smell of bacon cooking and I was invited to sit down at the kitchen table with Shanan and her two small boys, Dylan-8 and Spencer-7, who are both home schooled. We talked about what it means to "believe in what you are doing." For the CSA shareholder (community supported agriculture), it means joining for more than just because everyone else is doing it. Ask yourself, "why you are member?" And are you conscious in other aspects of your lifestyle? Abbondonza went from 350 shares to 30 shares in an effort to redefine what it means to be a shareholder. For the organic farmer, they have to constantly remind themselves why they got into the business and keep believing in those convictions. It's not an easy balance to strike when weighing the finances. For instance, most organic farmers in Colorado import their starters (lettuce, greens, etc.) from California because it is too expensive to have an on-site nursery. That means that even though you think your food is local, it is still traveling over 1000 miles. To help correct this, Abbondanza is in the seed business and starting to provide "starters" for local farmers so they don't have to outsource from so far away. Farmers educating farmers. That my friends is the wave of the future!

6/6/2011 09:33:08 am

Reminds me a bit of growing up Susie.....not sure if you knew I grew up on a dairy farm (now organic). It was located in Maine and my mom used to save seed and grow her own starters in a cold frame for our garden. The only things we bought at the store were flour, cereal and toilet paper! I had no idea I was living so sustainably. It was hard as a teenager but now I see it as a wonderfully fulfilling part of my life....the kids at school used to tease me because I smelled like cow shit! pretty funny:D

9/19/2013 01:46:32 am

Your orientation day at the farm is very exciting! Hope Abbondanza would gain a considerable success.

6/7/2011 12:49:05 am

Hey Susie, Brian and I just found your blog and we are loving it. What an awesome journey you are on. I wanted to share a blog with you that I look at everyday! its http://farmama.typepad.com/ and she is a mother of four, who no-schools her kids and lives off the land. I think she is in Colorado...? not sure. Anyway we look forward to reading about your journey and living vicariously through your travels. Doing our best back here in Truckee, can't wait for the farmers market this week! ALthough it is a bit funny that many of the farmers come from over 80 miles away. Brian suggested adding a share button to facebook so we can all help spread the word about your mission. Take care,


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